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Choosing The Right Parrot As Your Pet

All About Parrots

There are literally about 350 bird species known throughout the world and choosing the right bird for you and your family can be a difficult decision.

One must take into consideration many factors before you decide which type of parrot best suits your family such as, the type of home you have, if there are children or pets in the home that could cause some distress for the bird, allergies of any persons in the home and so on.

Below are some common types of birds that many people decide upon as a pet.


Cockatiels are one of the most charming birds among the parrots. It is good for first timers as the difficulty level of having them as a pet is low.

Cockatiels are lovable and like to love you or snuggle you. Moreover, they are inexpensive as compared to other breeds of parrots.

They would appreciate if you regularly spend time with them and will learn words and tunes when obtained young. Since they are small you do not need a huge cage or toys.

Their food intake is also very low not adding much pressure on your pocket. The only concern with cockatiels is that they are prone to certain diseases such as gut parasites, yeast infection, egg binding and chlamydiosis making veteran visits more often.

African Grey Parrot

The African Grey Parrot is another great species for having them as pets. They are sensitive yet intelligent. You may expect a lot of talking, especially when you are around.

With a perfect size, they are neither too big to handle nor too small. They are beautiful enough to be adored all day.

One of the biggest problems with African Greys is feather plucking which is prevalent if they become frustrated by not interacting. Therefore, if you don’t have much time to spend with them, consider buying another variant.

They also produce a lot of powdery feather dust that can be annoying to some homeowners. If there is someone with asthma in the house, this breed must be ignored.


Cockatoos have great qualities of being a pet and are often brought by people due to its beautiful looks. The bird is quiet and interesting yet needs a lot of care and attention.

They can talk a lot of words to make you happy and can play tricks. Due to their large size, they may need a bigger cage or space to live as compared to other birds.

Umbrella cockatoos may also need a huge amount of food. Therefore, you may expect to spend a good amount of money on them.

Just like other birds, cockatoos needs care and attention. If not given proper care, they may become bored and frustrated.

This will induce biting as well as feather plucking. They can also damage valuable toys and other items if left unattended.


Budgies or budgerigars are very affectionate and easy to maintain. They are playful and are sure to fill your home with happiness.

As compared to other birds they are inexpensive and great for first timers. The biggest advantage is its small size which requires less space and less food.

Cages are much cheaper and smaller as they hardly damage them. They are less damaging and their toys last longer too.

Budgies may learn a few words and love cuddling on a regular basis. The noise level is also low, so people concerned with loud voices may find this species soothing and interesting.


Conures are colorful parrots that increase the joy of any house. They can make you happy just with their appearance and presence.

Though there are variously colored conures available, the most loved species is the green cheeked ones.

They can learn and speak words and are usually quite and gentle. They pick words very fast and remembers them.

Unlike cockatoos, conures are not of damaging nature. Their toys usually last longer and you don’t need a cage built of heavy material to keep them in your house.

They just need a few things to stay happy inside their cage. Conures are great watchers and love to keep an eye on everything happening around the house.


The best part of a macaw is its bright and beautiful colors. Usually, they are not easy to have as a pet due to its large size.

They need room-sized cages which can be highly expensive on one’s part. Besides, macaws are intelligent and interactive species of parrots.

If taken care, they can live long and learn many words. Not only this they can learn when to use the words. They will greet you or say ‘bye’ when you leave home in a quite interesting way.

They can become a good friend and listen carefully to what you say. The only con is the big size and amount of food it consumes.

They also appreciate spending time with everyone at home. This keeps them engaged and prevents stress. Like other birds they can easily get bored which may lead to feather plucking.

Pionus Parrot

Pionus parrot comes in a variety of colors, with the blue-headed Pionus being the most loved species. The bird has a distinct blue colored head which makes it attractive enough to have as a pet.

Other variants are equally beautiful and have similar characteristics. They are easy to maintain and are not expensive.

If you are buying a pet for the first time, this could be one of the best options to choose from.

They are of a happy and playful nature and can learn words. The cage is smaller than other species of parrots and needs less maintenance. All you have to do is spend some time every day with your bird and enjoy its company for years.

Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots also have many variants though the most loved ones are Orange-winged, Blue-fronted or Yellow-fronted.

They have a strong personality and are of loving nature. They can learn and speak a few words showing that they are quite interesting and intelligent.

The cuddling and loving nature of the bird is able to change your mood and make you playful. Since they are medium-sized, they are easy to maintain.

They are less damaging and their toys seem to last longer. They like to play all the time and needs attention. Altogether, they can make great pets and are considered good for first-time buyers.

Besides the above species of parrots, you may also have Senegal Parrots and Lories as pets. Senegals are smaller in size and are inexpensive.

They can become a good companion. Lories on the other hand, can be messy and may consume a great deal of time in cleaning off the mess they create around their cage. But still they can be playful and affectionate.

No matter which species you choose, it is important to spend time with your bird. They appreciate attention and will stay healthier with everyday interaction, love, and affection.

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