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Visions Bird Cage Review

Why You Should Have A Vision Bird Cage For Your Bird

Having a bird cage is a fundamental aspect of bird ownership. All our pets should have their adequate and comfortable living spaces and our chirping companions are no exception. This is why Vision developed the perfect bird home, reinventing the way we take care of our chirping pets.

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Vintage bird cages

Vintage Bird Cages

History: The history of vintage bird cages is associated with the adoption of birds as pets. Birds were caged for their mystery and beauty about 4 centuries ago in ancient Egypt. Parrots and doves were best choices of the Egyptians and are depicted in the hieroglyphics. The Mynah has been regarded a sacred bird in […]

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F040 Flight Cage Review

Prevue F040 Wrought Iron Flight Cage Product Review

Why This Flight Cage? The Prevue F040 flight cage is the perfect cage for keeping canaries, budgies, lovebirds or finches. Please note that this bird cage is NOT recommended for any large birds. Please if you have larger parrots do not get this cage. The wire gauge made in this cage is not built strong […]

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Large birds and cages

Large Birds And Cages – What You Need To Know

What size bird cage does your bird really need? As you should already know large bird cages are meant for large types of birds. You wouldn't believe how many times I have seen bird owners put their macaws, African greys and other large parrots into cages that are so small the bird has barely enough [...]
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