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Tips On Dealing With Parrot Screaming

So you have a screaming parrot in your home?

This can cause a lot of commotion, not just for you and family members but also for any neighbors that you may have. It is best to try and deal with the problem as soon as your bird develops this annoying behavior.

Birds as you know are highly social creatures in nature, and your parrot will soon start to demand to be paid attention to if and when they become bored.

All parrots have a unique personality of their own and just like humans they can become a bit demanding and want the attention of their bonded owner.

Most bird owners have experienced in one way or another the disturbing screaming or squawking of their bird, and for many it drives them nuts as it can go on for hours at a time and they just don’t know how to deal with this particular behavior.

All is not lost however because there are several things you can do as a bird owner to greatly reduce or control the excessive screaming of your bird. Please remember though that most parrots will be loud or scream at times because it is a normal trait, it is the excessive screaming that you will want to control.

Identify The Cause Of The Screaming

Before you can take the steps to reduce the screaming you first must identify the cause. Some questions you may ask yourself is:

Is the bird ill? Look for any signs of illness with the bird, look at it’s eyes and note any changes, see if it’s drinking properly. Also note it’s current diet and or any changes that you made.

The bird may just be lonely or just plain bored. Do you have enough toys in it’s cage for the bird to play with.

Is their a change in the birds environment, maybe you made a move to a new home or even simply moved the birds home to another area of your home.

Perhaps there was a new addition to your family or a loss of a family member. A new pet in the home can also change a birds behavior so make note of it.

Steps to reduce your parrots screaming

The first step in reducing your birds screaming is PATIENCE! It’s not going to happen overnight so relax and keep calm.

You must also realize that when a bird is screaming and you or another family member go over to pick it up or give it a treat so they stop, or you scold it then you are actually reinforcing the very behavior that you want stopped.

By doing this the bird starts to think “hey, all I got to do is scream and I will get a treat or get picked up” If you want it to stop everyone will have to ignore the screams and only when the bird has settled down then you give it a treat and praise for being quiet.

If you are in the same room with the bird when it starts just ignore it and not pay the bird any attention. When it stops then after a few minutes go over and reward the bird with it’s favorite treat and praise.

If you are not in the same room with the bird when the screaming occurs then wait till the bird has settled down a bit and then go into the room and reward him.

Positive Reinforcement Is Key

By using positive reinforcement techniques it will improve your parrots nature to scream, be sure that you do not use them to “bribe” your parrot into behaving better because that will definitely backfire in the long run.

Parrots use their loud vocalization as ways to find the rest of their flock when separated by them.

If you answer your parrot when he calls you and let him know when you are leaving the house and when you come back, then eventually you will find that your parrot will not tend to scream incessantly on seeing you after an absence.

If your parrot is lonely and is screaming for attention you may have to decide on getting another parrot to give it company. It doesn’t need to be a mate and can even be kept in a separate cage. This can be great company for your bird if your out of the house for long periods at a time.

Me sure their are enough toys in your parrots cage to keep them occupied so that boredom can be kept at a minimal.

To sum up, if yo are patient and follow some steps then you can absolutely reduce the amount of screaming from your parrot. Results will come but in due course.

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