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Healthy Food Options For Your Parrot

Parrots are amazing little birds whose nutrition contributes to their well-being both physically and emotionally.

Parrots come in several species, hence, it is advisable to get a tailor made diet that fits the specific type of parrot you keep. However, the following foods offer a general guideline on the most appropriate healthy parrot food for your pet.

Fruits and vegetables

Your parrot requires an intake of a balanced diet every day and fruits and vegetables provide them with the nutrients they need.

Feed your parrots with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. For vegetables, opt for carrots, broccoli, kale, turnip, corn, sprouts, squash, peas, and pumpkin.

In the case of fruits, be careful to feed your parrot with fruits that have essential nutrients and are not too sweet.

Opt for oranges, watermelon, banana, papayas, pears, cranberry and pomegranate. Your parrot will enjoy a dose of grapes and blueberries but keep them at a minimal to avoid high sugar intake.


Pellets are amazing dietary supplements for parrots. Parrots love pellets and the best part is that you can easily find out your parrot’s most favourite brand of pellets after trying out a few options.

Some parrots love colored pellets but much caution should be applied when feeding them these sweet treats due to the dyes they contain.

Pellets are appropriate for all types of birds regardless of their previous feeding habits. In fact, you should get your parrot used to eating pellets for nutritional needs and for some fun time in the cage.


Seeds form a good part of healthy parrot food when administered in the right way. You may get your parrot seeds that have been fortified with special vitamins and minerals.

Alternatively, make your own seed mix using human seeds and feed them to your parrot. This will ensure that the parrot consumes healthy seeds that have not been laced with harmful chemicals.

It is important to note that larger parrots should be fed with few seeds. In the case of small and medium-sized birds that are unable to crack their seeds, provide them with halved or diced seeds such as walnuts.


As important as water is to humans so is it to parrots. Provide your parrot with clean water in a bowl every day.

The water should be changed at least once a day and the bowl should be cleaned during the changing process. This will ensure that your parrot takes clean water from a clean bowl and avoids illnesses from bacteria.

Tap water and bottled water are the best options for your parrot. Avoid distilled water since it lacks the necessary minerals.

Cooked food

Parrots love a treat of cooked human food from time to time.

To maintain the healthy streak, only feed your parrot with brown rice, quinoa, cooked human vegetables, whole wheat pasta, toast, shredded cheese, and small pieces of fish and chicken.

The idea of cooked food gives your parrot a wide variety of healthy meal options. Cooked food such as pasta and rice should be combined with a few vegetables for a balanced diet.

A balanced diet of vegetables, proteins and seeds will keep your parrot healthy and extend its lifespan. Healthy parrot food will also boost your parrot’s immunity, improve its moods and make it sociable with family members.

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