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Prevue F040 Wrought Iron Flight Cage Product Review

Why This Flight Cage?

The Prevue F040 flight cage is the perfect cage for keeping canaries, budgies, lovebirds or finches.

Please note that this bird cage is NOT recommended for any large birds. Please if you have larger parrots do not get this cage.

The wire gauge made in this cage is not built strong enough for larger parrots. I have seen to many people purchasing the wrong type of cages for their particular species of birds.

This cage is really big for smaller birds and it is the best choice. Furthermore, it is ideal if your housing several or many at a time.

What I Like

The thing I like most about this cage is how mobile it is. You will find that moving it from one area to another is simply a breeze.

The one thing I wish it had was locking wheels however, since you have only smaller birds in there it really doesn’t present a problem with the cage moving at all.

You will not be disappointed in having this cage in your home for your feathered friends.

The price is very reasonable for those who are on a tight budget and can’t afford spending hundreds of dollars on cages.

The bird cage comes complete with 4 plastic double cups for food and water as well as 3 wooden perches.

It doesn’t come with any toys so be sure you have plenty to keep them occupied as there is a ton of room to place them throughout the cage.

Having enough toys in the cage is very important so that they don’t suffer from boredom.

There is a handy bottom grill to store your birds things and the convenient pull out tray makes cleaning easy.

F040 Flight Cage Measurements

The cage dimensions are 31-Inch long, 20-1/2-inch wide, 53-inch high and it has a bar spacing of 1/2-inch.

The cage is pretty light weight, weighing just 19 lbs. (keep in mind that the shipping weight is much heavier weighing in at at 36 lbs)

On the front side of the cage there are 2 huge doors and on each of the sides there are 3 spring loaded smaller doors while making it easy for inserting the food and water dishes.

Putting together this cage really isn’t that difficult and shouldn’t take no more than 30-40 minutes, I think that’s pretty reasonable if you ask me.

In conclusion, I think the F040 flight cage is pretty amazing and you just can’t beat the price.





    June 18, 2016

    Visitor Rating: 93%


    June 18, 2016

    Pretty good cage , my finches love it.


    July 9, 2016

    I ordered this, I have to say though that it’s a little bigger than what I thought but it’s all good just the same, thanks

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