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Find the perfect bird cage for your bird

For many people your pet bird is like a part of your family, and like a family member you would want to do everything possible to make your pet bird feel special, healthy and safe. We are hopeful we can help with whatever needs you require for your parrot.

We have a great selection of large birdcages for sale, such as stainless steel cages, dome top cages and flight cages . We also carry a variety of bird stands and activity centers as well as a huge selection of quality selected food for your feathered friend, not to mention perches, toys and so much more.

Your bird should have the best home possible to feel safe and secure and I know you and your bird will be feeling much better knowing that they are being well taken care of.

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Find some great articles all about birds and other bird subjects, we will be updating our article base on a regular basis so be sure to check back.

large birdcagesWhy It Is Important To Have The Right Size Cage

Just like your own house is your home, the same goes for your bird. It’s bird cage is their home. They will spend most of their lives in their cage and that’s why it’s extremely important to have a cage that is best suited for the particular species of bird that you have.

Your bird will be a happy bird if its home is the proper size, is in the proper place in your home and is made out of the proper materials.

Cages come in all shapes and sizes and many models now have a play top section on top of the cage so your bird can enjoy some playtime outside of their home.

Definitely, price will play a part of any cage selection so the most important point is this, if you cant afford a large bird cage and you have a large bird then you are probably going to cause undue stress and other health issues to the bird.

There are many large birdcages to choose from so be sure you choose what is best for you and your parrot.

The species of large birds that will require a large bird cage are African Greys, Amazon Parrots, Macaws, Eclectus, and Dusky Lories.

These parrots have a wider wingspan and will require all the room that’s available to stretch out those feathers.

The bar spacing for this type of cage should be an inch to 1 1/2 inch.

Follow the link to learn more about some of these species of birds.

Medium size birds will also require a medium size cage. If you have some of the following types of parrots then you should be housing them accordingly.

Cockatiels, Senegals, Caiques, Conures and weavers.

The bar spacing on this size of a cage should be 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch.

You guessed it…a small bird would do great in a small cage….unless of course you are housing many small birds in the same cage.

Some small bird species include finches, parrotlets, canaries, budgies and lovebirds.

The bar spacing on these cages should be no more than 1/2 inch

parrot on bikeWhy Your Bird Needs Toys!

Having toys in your birds cage is not only a necessity but a MUST! Birds become bored very easily and thus a bored bird is most likely a unhappy bird and this may cause some behavior issues down the road.

Just think of it this way…what if you only had 1 thing in your home that you were able to play with or perhaps only 1 book to read, my guess is that you would become very bored and perhaps irritated quite quickly.

The same goes for birds, they too need constant stimulation not only for their mind but also for their enjoyment. Many people also wonder how many bird toys should they put in the cage? The answer is as many as possible, the bigger the cage the more toys you should have. A large cage should have a minimum of 10 toys to keep your feathered friend stimulated and not bored.

They can be placed in various places inside the cage, hanging from the top of the cage and even hanging from the outside of the cage. Be sure to have the appropriate size toy for the species because you don’t want a small bird injuring its beak on a toy that is not suitable for its size.

There are hundreds of different toys for birds on the market and you can even make your own if you want to save a few dollars. Be careful however that you are using “bird safe” dyes if you decide to go that route so that you don’t UN-intentionally harm your bird with toxic chemicals in the process.

Why Foraging Toys Are Important!

It is embedded in a birds DNA to forage for their food in the wild and thus when we have a domesticated bird at home the instinct is still a part of the birds make up. It is extremely important to have some sort of foraging system at home placed inside of your birds home.

Amazing Parrot Opening Her Food Toys

This will not only help keep your bird interested but it will also help your bird learn what comes naturally for them as if they were in the wild. It will combat boredom as well as give them a bit of physical activity in finding their food. Foraging systems also helps with your birds problem solving skills something that birds in the wild rely heavily on.

If you are creative you can easily make your own foraging system at home as well. Here are some helpful tips.

. shop at your local dollar or thrift store and you can find many wicker baskets (un-painted or colored) and turn them into a perfect foraging tool for your bird by filling with treats and shredded paper, toys or other small bird safe objects.

. cardboard egg cartons, paper cups or toilet paper rolls can be assembled with hidden items and can be tied off and hung in the cage to give your bird hours of fun.

How To Make Bird Toys At Home

If you are like a lot of other people and have a creative side then you may decide that you will want to start making your own bird toys at home.

Here is a great video to get your creative juices flowing and save a little money while having a lot of fun in the process.

How To Make Bird Toys At Home

Because we all know birds just love toys we must also be aware of what is a safe and unsafe toy before you decide to give it to your bird.


Be careful of chains that have open links, an open link can cause cuts and scratches and other potential injuries so make sure the links are welded properly. Also be cautious of the size of the chain, a long chain may end up getting wrapped around your bird while it plays with it and could cause a choking hazard.


Make sure that the rope is made of 100% natural fibers and never use nylon type ropes, they can cause grave injuries and amputations. Maintain your rope toys when they become frayed and replace when necessary.


Birds love to play with and chew on leather so make sure the leather is vegetable tanned type and don’t use leather that has been dyed or coated with toxic chemicals.


The best plastics are made with acrylics, they will virtually last a very long time without breaking and larger birds will have a difficult time destroying these if the thickness is right. Avoid giving brittle plastics to larger birds because they can easily break and cut your bird.


Wood toys are fabulous for all bird types but again make sure that any wood is not treated, it will kill your bird. If making homemade wood toys be sure to use food coloring or vegetable dyes to color the wood if you want color. Since birds can distinguish colors this will keep the bird attentive and thus create hours of fun.

parrot on perchTips For Choosing A Perfect Perch

Your bird will spend it’s entire life either standing or if it’s wings are not clipped flying. That is why it’s important to have a perch that is comfortable for your bird at all times.

Natural Perches

Some people decide that they would like to have a natural perch such as a branch from a tree, while this is great you must ensure that it is not from a tree that has been sprayed with toxic chemicals that will cause your bird to become sick or worse. There are trees that you should avoid such as cherry trees, oak and pine that may be harmful to your bird.

You will have to prepare the branches if you decide on a natural approach by soaking and scrubbing them in hot soapy water and then baking them in the oven for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Artificial Perches

The majority of bird owners prefer to purchase artificial perches or dowels, they come in all colors, sizes and shapes and will make a great alternative to a natural perch. Rope perches are very popular and can easily bend to suit the birds needs.

Be sure to place the perches near the birds food and water and not directly above the dishes, this is to avoid waste from falling and thus contaminating the food and water source.

Having perches placed at various levels in the cage will help your bird move around easily, but try and avoid having to many which can prevent them from flying.


Also be sure to clean the perches on a regular basis with hot soapy water or a bird safe cleaning solution to prevent diseases.

bird nutritionBird Nutrition

Just as humans need a balanced diet so does our birds, it is vitally important that we provide them with all the nutrients that will help keep them healthy for their entire lives. Some species of parrots can out live humans and a bird in captivity has to depend on us to provide them with all the basics of food and water to survive.

A balanced diet may help prevent many health and behavioral problems down the road and most times when a bird dies prematurely it is usually the result of malnutrition.

Not all species of birds have the same dietary preference and thus we must first as bird owners be aware of what foods to provide to them to keep them healthy.

Seeds and Grains

Birds such as cockatiels, budgies and hyacinth macaws prefer seeds while a military macaw or a blue and gold macaw may prefer more nuts, fruits and berries.

Formulated Pellets or Nuggets

Most people get this type of food for their parrot and is readily available in most pet stores. It offers a balanced nutritional diet and it should make up about 60-80% of your birds dietary intake. Be sure you select the right formula for the bird species you have as some formulas contain higher fat content than others.

Fruits and Vegetables

Being a good source of vitamins and minerals, vegetables should be provided along with your standard bird food. Be sure to wash all fruits and vegetables before feeding and remove any seeds or pits from the fruits. Avoid Avocado as it is highly toxic to a birds digestive system.

What You Need To Care For Your Bird

So you have a bird cage but do you have the necessary essentials to care for your pet? Lets take a look at what every bird owner should have on hand to care for your feathered friend.

Bowls and Hoppers

Apart from toys, food and perches, you must have food and water dishes. There are 2 types of dishes that you can choose from : the standard bowl or the hopper.

Hoppers are usually for smaller type birds like budgies and finches and they are attached to the bars of the cage, they are basically enclosed with a opening on the bottom, you fill the hopper with food and water.

Bowls are usually for medium and larger size parrots that are also attached to the sides of the cage with brackets. You may opt for a couple of bowls in warmer weather to satisfy the thirst of your parrot.

Bird Bath

It is a good idea to have some type of bird bath available for your bird, a plastic shallow basin is ideal for smaller birds or you can pick up a commercial grade bird bath. You can also have a spray bottle on hand to mist your bird. Larger birds can usually take a bath in the shower if you have a shower perch available.

Cleaning Products

If you are opting to save a little money on commercial bird cleaning products you can always do up a home brew of diluted plain white vinegar and water. It is a good general purpose cleaner for cleaning the cage and toys. Food and water dishes can be cleaned with a mild dish soap or even put through the dishwasher.

You will also need some scrubbing brushes, gloves and maybe a mask if you are ill.

Bird Cage Liners

You can either go the traditional route with plain old newspaper or the professional way with commercial cage paper. Store bought cage paper will usually fit most cages and they usually come in 60 sheets or more per roll.

Bird Harness

Although not essential, many bird owners are opting for a harness so that they can take their tame trained pet outdoors.

Watch The Below Video How To Put A Flight Harness On A Parrot

Looks pretty easy, but just remember that this may take weeks of training, it most likely won’t be accomplished in a couple of days. Be patient with your bird and daily practice is the key.

How To Put A Flight Harness On A Parrot

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